Katlan Nagyharsány,

We think the most important priority is the synergy between the villages and Ördögkatlan, the creation of the five-day-long celebration to prove to all parties involved: we are capable of carrying out grand projects of great significance, and showing human qualities. We know that compared to the Sziget festival, a Europe-wide famous enterprise attracting hundreds of thousands of people each year (with 85% of its visitors being foreign), a celebration like ours might seem insignificant, maybe even ridiculous. By all means, oldfashioned and outdated. We don't deny that. We don't deny that basket-works are outdated, "not normal" by nature, whereas we believe that this is worthy of men, yes, it's appropriate, it's just right on a human-size scale. It's one of the things Mari Törőcsik says when she does something out of love instead of cold calculation: "I must be insane!"

Well, this became the motto for Ördögkatlan this summer. "We must be insane." And that must be right.

2700 BC – Recreate Vučedol – MEGAGAME

Veled Kerek Udvar Beremend,

2700 BC – Recreate Vučedol is a collaborative game in which participants can learn about the life of prehistoric communities in a playful way. The task of the teams is to build and develop one settlement of the Vučedol culture for six generations (i.e. six rounds). During the game, participants will come across the historical […]

Return to Wolf Valley – theatrical adventure game (WORKSHOP & PLAY)

Would you like to experience what the everyday life of a Bronze Age village was like? The world of Our shared heritage - Vučedol Culture project’s theatrical adventure play Return to the Wolf Valley raises distant but fundamental human issues in many elements. The Theatrical Adventure Game (TAG) invites you on a journey to Bronze […]