Our Team

Árpád Bayer – Creative Team Leader

Let’s meet Árpád Bayer, who leads the Creative Team in our project: “As a historian and former museum employee, and game designer in the same time I am in a special intersection. My task is to understand everyone in the creative group and form a team from us. We learn a lot from each other – the creative team represents 4-5 different professions and approaches. The goal is to design an experience that makes the world a little bit better through learning about common heritage. This project is a match with my personal motivation – great team, good goal, many things to learn. “


Mira Majdán – member of the creative team

“I have been working as an archaeologist at the Janus Pannonius Museum of Pécs for 5 years, focusing on prehistory. For three years I have also been working as a museumpedagogue, mainly with schoolchildren of all ages, but with adults and families as well. Due to this background I have experience with adapting archaeological data and practices into edutainment and exciting programs. What I find most motivating in this project is the possibility of sharing work and ideas with Croatian colleagues and creative people from very diverse backgrounds, to find the common points in all these seemingly different methods and approaches.”


Fanny Hajdú – member of the creative team

“I’m a drama pedagogue constantly in quest of new ways to see and understand the world and myself in it. With my interdisciplinary practice I aim to question and experiment over the current matters of our society by the simple yet fundamental means of play.
It always thrills me to get to know new people from very different backgrounds and understand how they see the world we are living in. Over the past few months of our working together, it was beautiful to see how we managed step by step to comprehend not only diverse methods, but also each other and our not-so-distant opinions. And by doing so, meseems that we are slowly coming to understand someone also someone else: our ancestors, the bronze age human and their homeland: Vucedol.”


Czakó Máté – member of the creative team

“As a theatre expert with experience in archaeology and museum interpretation, I’m responsible for the staging of the project with the tools of immersive theatre, Theatrical Adventure Gaming and experience design.
I’m very motivated by the cross-sector collaboration and the aim of the project itself; the transfer of cultural value through physical and personal barriers with experiential methods and approaches.”


Csilla Gáti – member of the creative team

„I worked in the Janus Pannonius Museum for 14 years as curator of the Prehistoric Collection. Fortunately during this period I had the opportunity to look after the assemblies of the site Zók (Vučcedol Culture). Now it is a good opportunity to show the artefacts to the wide public. I can’t wait to see the forgotten items of the Culture come alive.
Working with this creative group is an entire new experience. It is very inspiring to see the different interpretation techniques of the members; I’ve never thought that our common history might have such a variety of meanings for the modern humans. Hopefully at the end we will be able to present a nice mixture of these.”


Nándor Laklia – member of the creative team

“As an experience designer in the field of tourism, I’m always looking for ways to create more engaging, more memorable experiences. As a narrative game designer, I bring a set of experience-focused design methodologies to the project.
It is very inspiring to work with an amazing and diverse creative team where we can learn a lot about each other’s methods and languages. I’m very excited about co-creating this immersive cultural experience that has the potential to connect people across borders. I’m looking forward to helping you “travel” back in time and connect through the stories of the Bronze Age culture of Vucedol.”


Gergő Paukovics – project manager

“I’m Gergő, a cultural heritage manager, originally from Győr, but living in Budapest for more than 10 years. I studied archaeology and history at Eötvös Loránd University, and I am a proud alumnus of the CEU’s Cultural Heritage Studies Program, where my professional philosophy was well established. I spent five years as cultural manager at the Hungarian National Archives. Cultural heritage is not only my profession, but also my passion.”


Miklós Tömöry – cultural heritage coordinator

“As a historian dealing with the common past of Hungarians and our Southern neighbours I am happy to explore our shared heritage. Also, I am eager to contribute to the creative cooperation of archeologists, artists and historians of my “first” and “second” home – Hungary and Croatia.”