Our Shared Heritage – Vučedol Culture

Joint project of the Ördögkatlan Festival in Hungary and the Vučedol Culture Museum in Croatia

The main goal of the project is to use the common roots of the region to introduce the values of the former Vučedol culture to the people living in the Croatian-Hungarian border areas through an attractive cultural program. In addition, it focuses on professionals and building their regional contacts active in the field of heritage protection and tourism. An important goal for the project partners is to make the region one of the outstanding centers of cultural tourism, which was once home to Vučedol culture.

Vučedol culture will be presented this year by two programmes at different Hungarian and Croatian festivals in the region: one of them is 2700 BC – Recreate Vučedol, a megagame based on the authentic elements of the era, and the other one titled Return to Wolf Valley is an interactive theatre adventure game, through which people will get to know the life of prehistoric communities.

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